Creating Trigger in SQL Server Table

SQL Trigger
Trigger is a action which will perform when the table gets insert, update or delete. We can choose the options on what the trigger should get invoked and create the syntax as below

CREATE Trigger triggername
ON tblname
FOR INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE -- We can add or remove the criteria here

-- Action steps needs to carried out should be given here.


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Types of Dimension Tables in SSAS

Dimension Tables Types
Dimension table contains the master data information. A dimension table has a primary key column that uniquely identifies each dimension record. The dimension table is associated with a fact table using the primary key.

confirmed dimension — The value will be refered by more than one dimension table
junk dimension — Combined values of transaction
degenerate attribute — If a dimension data kept on a fact table for reference
Role Playing Dimension — Date dimension which act as a orderdate dimension and purchasedate dimension.

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What are types of storage modes in OLAP?

OLAP storage modes
There are three standard storage modes in OLAP they are
1.MOLAP — the data and aggregations are stored in a multidimensional format
2.ROLAP — data and aggregations are kept in the relational database instead of on the OLAP server
3.HOLAP — HOLAP is a combination of MOLAP and ROLAP HOLAP stores the detail data in the relational database but stores the aggregations in multidimensional format

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