Tabular Model in SSAS

Tabular Model SSAS

Tabular models are in-memory databases in Analysis Services. The xVelocity in-memory analytics engine (VertiPaq) delivers fast access to tabular model objects and data by reporting client applications such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power View.

Tabular models support data access through two modes: Cached mode and DirectQuery mode.
In cached mode, you can integrate data from multiple sources including relational databases, data feeds, and flat text files.
In DirectQuery mode, you can bypass the in-memory model, allowing client applications to query data directly at the (SQL Server relational) source.

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What is POWER BI ?

It is Microsoft cloud based Business intelligence Tool. It works with Excel and Office365 to analyze and visualize the data.

Power Query : Enables users to easily search and access their organization data within Excel. It works like a data explorer. Transform the raw data into a tabular form dataset that can be used with Excel or Power Pivot.
Power Map : The Power Map is used for creating 3D data visualization tool for mapping, exploring and interacting with geographic data.
Power Pivot : For creating and customizing flexible data models within Excel. It’s the engine that runs all the calculations, hosts all your data and creates the analytical model
Power View : For creating interactive charts, graphs and other visual representations of data.

It can be grouped under three major category
1.The BI add-on for Excel
2.The actual cloud service or BI Site (SharePoint Online)
3.The new REST API (for development) This is the latest addition to the family. The ability to interact with Power BI using a REST API in order to create some custom applications. You can create your own connectors or even create applications that will interact with a dataset in order to add new rows or alter such dataset

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