what are the major Types of Reports?

Simple Report
Drill through or Linked Report
Sub report
Matrix Report
Parameterized Report
KPI reports

What does rdl stand for?
Report Definition Language

What is Report Builder?
The Report Builder is used to facilitate the self-service report for business analyst.

What is Report Manager?
This is a Web based tool to Manage, access and run reports.

What permission to give to users to use Report Builder?

Report Builder role and system user role.

What are parameterized reports?
Reports that gets parameters from user to fetch data based on the parameter input are called parameterized reports.

How to create a simple report ?
New -> Project -> Report Server Project -> Right click on Shared DataSet -> Add New Data Source
Right click on Report Folder -> Add New Item
In the Report Data Tool Bar -> Right Click on the Data Sources -> Select the shared Data Source which we created already
Right Click on the Data Set -> Add DataSet -> Define your query here

Drag and Drop a table
Pick the Data fields from dataset and place it on the table.
Align and format the Table Accordingly
Add header to your Report.
Save and Run the Report.

What is the Property to set the Drilldown SSRS Report ?
Right Click on the Group properties-> Choose Visibility -> Hide -> Choose D

What is the Property to set the Drillthrough or Linked SSRS Report ?
Right Click on the field -> Choose Series Properties -> Action -> Go To Report -> Specify a Report -> Provide the necessary parameter input below

What is embedded code in a report?
Code which wrote on the report can be reused in any expression of the report.

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