Overall understanding of Datawarehouse Tools : SSIS, SSRS and SSAS ?


This is an ETL Tool, ETL means EXTRACT, TRANSFORM and LOAD. you can extract the information from various source system like Oracle, MSEXCEL, SQL SERVER, MS ACCESS, DB2 etc.. All these data which we are extracting can undergo the cleaning process and making this data to information by doing some calculation and finally the Data will be pumped to the warehouse. The SSIS from Microsoft is playing a major role of ETL tool and it is helpful in the First Section of Warehouse Loading data.


After pulling the Data to the warehouse you need to do Analytical operations and here comes the cube. You can go all the aggregate operations in this and you can prepare the cube in such a way that data is readily available for the reports.


This is a reporting Tool and use to give the report output of the Datawarehouse or Database or SSAS to the customer. You can have Detail or graphical reports and very helpful for analyzing the results. We have KPI(Key performance indicator) reports.

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