How to create proxy for SSIS Job?

create proxy SSIS Job
This involves multiple steps when creating the Proxy

Step 1 : Create a proxy login
Server Role : BulkAdmin, Public
Select the needed databases in user mappings including ssisdb,msdb
securables: Add the server to run proxy account
Permission : Connect SQL -> Sa(Grantor) -> Select the tick mark for Grant
Administrater Bulk Operations
Connect SQL
View Any Database
Step 1: Create the credential
Right click Credentials -> New credentials
Select the login (proxylogin) and provide password
1. Go to Proxies – > ActiveX Script (Right Click) -> New Proxy
2. Give Proxy name
3. Select the Credential
4. Select the following

Active X script
Operating System (CMDEXEC)
SQL SERVER Analysis Services Command
SQL Server Analysis Services query
SQl Server Integration services PAckages

  1. Select Principle
    Add the principle account





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