How to add Code to an SSRS Report ?

Add SSRS Code

•Add an Assembly Reference to a Report (SSRS). see Custom Code and Assembly References in Expressions in Report Designer (SSRS).

•Provide a custom code assembly by using the .NET Framework.
To add embedded code to a report

1.In Design view, right-click the design surface outside the border of the report and click Report Properties.

2.Click Code.

3.In Custom code, type the code.

Public Function ChangeWord(ByVal s As String) As String
Dim strBuilder As New System.Text.StringBuilder(s)
If s.Contains(“Raj”) Then
strBuilder.Replace(“Raj”, “Raja”)
Return strBuilder.ToString()
Else : Return s
End If
End Function

If you add this expression to a table cell that displays category values, whenever the word “Raj” is in the dataset field for that row the table cell value displays the word “Raja” instead.

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